The raw materials of our artisan preserves

The crunchy and delicious vegetables of our creations are born in a wonderful land, Veneto, where biodiversity and excellent products have always been precious resources to protect and preserve.

For the raw materials of our artisanal preserves, we have chosen to entrust ourselves to partners producers, real custodians of the natural balance of the agricultural ecosystem of which we fully share the philosophy: to support and enhance the fruit and vegetable production of the territory by adopting cultivation techniques with the least possible environmental impact.

San Patrignano for La Giardiniera di Morgan

We chose to start a collaboration with the community of San Patrignano because
we immediately grasped the importance for the community of using the work as a means of rehabilitation and return to normality not only that: thanks to the agronomic experience of the professionals who work at
San Patrignano for decades now, we have managed to give life to a project conceived and developed in perfect synergy with La Giardiniera di Morgan.
Non in fact, we limit ourselves to getting supplies from the community of San Patrignano: we have devised together how to best cultivate those that then become ours products.
Thanks to this close relationship and the care we dedicate to it, the vegetables that
arrive in our laboratory reflect all the requirements
organoleptic and qualitative qualities desired by us

The manifesto of our values