They were created to accompany boiled meats, but their versatility makes them easy to combine with any dish, according to everyone's imagination and taste. Three delicious variations, each with a flavor and a color that distinguishes it.

Morgan’s sweet and sour sauce in oil

A rustic mix of vegetables with carrots and peppers to keep it sweet and pleasant.


Boiled pork, grilled meats and cooked cold cuts, excellent with canapés, snacks, fish salads, cooked legumes.

Sweet and sour vegetable garden sauce in oil

Like the Morgan sauce but with the parsley chlorophyll and highlighting green celery.


Beef, boiled eggs, anchovies, cheeses with flowered crust, robiole or fresh goat's milk.

Anna’s sweet and sour sauce in oil

Fantastic partner of sandwich and gourmet burger.


Boiled capone, chicken, chicken breast, great with mushrooms, cotechini and cooked cold cuts.

Morgan's mixed pickles